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Shield Security Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a website dedicated to showcasing some of the best prime and super-prime residential homes around the world. Since 2010 there has been a building bonanza in the south-east of England, arguably the UK’s most affluent part of the country, and we have captured the property details of most, if not all of these exceptional homes and are delighted to be able to bring all of these properties to you through our website.
No, but we know lots of people who are and have accumulated an enviable contact list of people who deal in this market. If you are looking for an exceptional property at the higher end of the market, get in touch with us and tell us what you’re looking for. There is every possibility we can put you in touch with an expert in this field, or perhaps even find your dream home ourselves.
Because we love these amazing homes and want to share them with the public for your enjoyment.
Our aim from the start has always been to allow our visitors to view the properties uninterrupted and without cost – around this we have designed some premium add-ons and services to help fund the continuation and development of the website and these will always be voluntary, our guiding principle has always been to reach as many people as possible and that means keeping the basic website functionality free to use.
Property ‘Extras’ are all the details we hold about any given property, from the sales brochure and floor plans to the progress of the activity during its time on the market – where possible we try to include price reductions, offers and sale dates for each property, though please bear in mind there are literally hundreds of properties on the market at any given time and it just isn’t possible to monitor accurately the activity for every individual home. There are however landmark homes which warrant special attention and we have always tried to follow the progress of these homes to their final conclusion. Occasionally properties may disappear from agent’s websites and we don’t always notice they have gone, until they reappear some weeks or months later with a reduced guide price perhaps, or some new images – only then do we include this information on that individual property file.
All of the information we have was taken from published data, and monitoring the sales progress of individual homes. We can’t therefore give any guarantee of the accuracy of this information, other than to say it was collated and published with a sincere intention to provide what we believe to be accurate information, but it obviously comes with a caveat and you should take that on board when considering any information published through our website.
We are very proud of the diverse portfolio of luxury homes featured on our website, these have been accumulated over many years and from a wide source of publications. If you are the owner of one of the featured properties, congratulations. We only showcase the very best homes and if yours has made it onto our website it should be a source of pride. While we appreciate that some owners would rather their home was not featured on our website, we have a long standing policy not to remove them as this is a form of censorship and spoils the overall experience of our loyal band of property enthusiasts. If however you are serious about removing your property from our website please consider making us an offer as an incentive to delete your property details permanently. Use the Contact Us form to make a sensible offer and we will give it serious consideration.